Turtle Donation

Help Hawksbills Hatch

The hawksbill turtle, or honu ‘ea, is a critically endangered species. In the U.S. Pacific, hawksbill turtles nest only on the beaches of the main Hawaiian Islands, primarily along the southern coast of Hawai’i Island. Without human help, the honu ‘ea will likely disappear forever this century. But there is hope. Since 1989, the Hawai’i Island Hawksbill Turtle Recovery Project has been tirelessly working to help honu ‘ea recover. More than 500 volunteers have located and protected 700 nests and helped 80,000 hatchlings reach the sea. Your help is crucial to these turtles’ survival.

  • Your $20 donation supports two nights of field monitoring and protection of nesting turtles.
  • Your $100 donation provides the equipment and supplies for volunteers to camp at beaches where turtles nest.
  • Your $200 donation supports a volunteer for 1 month to monitor and protect turtles and their nests.
  • Your $500 donation buys enough predator-proof enclosures to protect turtle egg nests for the entire 6 month nesting season.
  •  $